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    Pure XS Night, new perfume Paco Rabanne

    Pure XS Night, new perfume Paco Rabanne
    Pure XS Night, new perfume Paco Rabanne

    Ignite your nights with the new Pure XS Night by Paco Rabanne!

    Paco Rabanne is a creative genius and turns absolutely everything he touches to gold. Fashion architect, he explored many fabrics and ever more quirky cuts. In perfumery, Paco Rabanne still surprises with his astonishing combinations of raw materials and his highly structured bottles. Paco Rabanne constantly transmits an emotion and tells us a story in each of his perfumes. Pure XS for men , a cult essence already designed in 2017, clearly plays the card of seduction and eroticism. The female version Pure XS for Her marked the year 2018 However, Paco Rabanne has yet decided to raise the temperature a notch with a brand new essence from the same range: Pure XS Night.

    Pure XS Night, when the bottle of Paco Rabanne darkens

    Let’s start first with the discovery of the bottle of this new perfume… Pure XS Night proudly displays its belonging to the Paco Rabanne family, reappropriating the codes of its elder, by changing only certain details. Her sculptural silhouette immediately imposes all her masculinity. Its heavy glass and solid seat give Pure XS Night an impression of absolute virility. Nevertheless, this perfume is presented in a very refined bottle and worked in detail. Its silhouette is directly inspired by that of a lighter from the past. His black hood immediately plunges us into darkness. Its base, meanwhile, has darkened. Invaded by the night, it is now enriched with a magnetic and bewitching blue. Only the name of Pure XS Night stands out from the set in a very refined golden color.

    The spicy breath of Pure XS Night

    The duo of Pure XS Homme perfumes
    The duo of Pure XS Homme perfumes

    On the scent side, Pure XS Night dares extravagance and combines several ingredients renowned for their aphrodisiac properties. Pure XS Night by Paco Rabanne immediately sets off on a fresh and energizing breath of ginseng, the power of which has been amplified compared to that of its predecessor. Its heart, meanwhile, softens with a greedier note of salted butter caramel. The Paco Rabanne man immediately becomes an addictive treat, a real delight! Its base plays once again in the register of eroticism and vitality. Pure XS Night ends with a fresher note of pepper and ginger. The result is a spicy and oriental fragrance, designed by three talented perfumers: Anne Flipo, Bruno Jovanovic and Caroline Dumur.

    Pure XS Night, the scent of a strong seducer

    With this powerful breath and this structured bottle, this perfume is aimed at all seductive men proud of their sensuality. With Pure XS Night, the night promises to be scorching hot! This perfume plays with its charms and has fun with it. The man Paco Rabanne is not afraid to assert his ambitions, even if it means becoming almost indecent. With his confident gait, his perfect body and his shapely head, he has no shortage of assets to capsize the hearts of women!

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