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    Pure XS for Her perfume in a brand new box

    Pure XS for Her perfume in a brand new box
    Pure XS for Her perfume in a brand new box

    Pure XS pour Elle by Paco Rabanne offers a new box set synonymous with excess

    In the continuity of the perfume for men Pure XS , born in 2017, Paco Rabanne decided to make, barely a year later, his female counterpart: Pure XS for Elle. Like its predecessor, this is a fragrance synonymous with excess. With him, nothing is done with restraint. The woman who wears this fragrance is not cold in the eyes and does not hesitate to show herself in the sight of all as a dominatrix. Pure XS for Heris an essence that stands out. It is for all those who have allure and a good dose of casualness. The Paco Rabanne woman has an insolent beauty in her. Source of all fantasies, she seems to have an innate talent for attracting the eye. Its fragrance is in its image: once you have tasted it, you will not be able to do without it! What’s more, it can now be rediscovered in a unique box set.

    The sulphurous wake of Pure XS for Her

    Pure XS pour Elle gives off a scent designed to raise desire. At first, the idea is to multiply the femininity of the one who carries this essence. Thus, Pure XS pour Elle takes on a luminous and floral scent of ylang-ylang flowers. This raw material with exotic accents also reinforces the freshness of this composition. Quickly, it is joined by a crispy heart of caramelized popcorn. Immediately, Pure XS pour Elle becomes a real delight! Shades then appear at its base. This intertwines sandalwood, ambrette seeds and vanilla. Authentic and powerful, this perfume is the source of all temptations!

    The tempting bottle of Pure XS for Her

    Of course, this perfume set does contain the Pure XS pour Elle spray, a container that says a lot about the temptation contained within this perfume. Pure XS pour Elle takes on a rounded shape, like a drop cut into an infinite number of facets. A black cap overhangs the whole, opposing its opacity to a transparent and delicately tinted pink base. Here, femininity is everywhere and is surrounded by temptation. Indeed, a golden snake wraps around its collar. Absolute symbol of sin, it seems here to watch over the treasure contained in this somewhat retro amphora.

    The feminine set of Pure XS for Her

    Pure XS pour Elle is presented this time in a rectangular box entirely colored in pink. The design of its bottle is revealed on its front face, this time embellished with a more disproportionate golden snake. Inside this container are then hiding two products from the same range: the 50 ml spray of Pure XS for Her accompanies her body milk of 75 ml.

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