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    Pure Illusion Black Opium YSL fragrance

    The Pure Illusion Black Opium fragrance
    The Pure Illusion Black Opium fragrance

    Black Opium Pure Illusion, the new limited edition from Yves Saint-Laurent

    There are perfumes that we no longer present as they are known to all, and they are considered as great classics of perfumery. Undoubtedly, Black Opium falls into this category . Born in 2014, this juice is today one of the most beautiful references of the Yves Saint-Laurent house. In contrast, he is the embodiment of a feminine fantasy, raising the adrenaline with a simple breath. However, to further enhance this splendid perfume, Yves Saint-Laurent has today created a brand new limited edition. This one is called Black Opium Pure Illusion and reinterprets the look of the previous bottle of Black Opium. A little patience, this novelty will be available from August 21, 2017!

    The history of Black Opium

    Originally, Yves Saint-Laurent created a very first perfume called Opium, in 1977. He intended this one for an elegant, chic, nonchalant and sassy woman. Immediately after its release, Opium stood out, going so far as to create stockouts. He immediately became one of the greatest references of the Yves Saint-Laurent house. Also, as if to address women today again, this great fashion house decided, in 2014, to reinterpret it in the form of Black Opium. Here again, success was immediately apparent. With a more rock side, Black Opium is today one of the greatest references of the Yves Saint-Laurent house. It is therefore in this continuity that Black Opium Pure Illusion will appear very soon .

    The new bottle of Black Opium Pure Illusion

    The real novelty of this perfume does not come from its composition but rather from its bottle. Black Opium Pure Illusion nevertheless remains clearly identifiable and retains the allure of these elders absolutely intact. It combines a square silhouette with more generous curves. Its center, meanwhile, is decorated with a round porthole opening a window on its very feminine rosy fragrance. This time, Black Opium Pure Illusion has swapped its opaque black color of yesteryear for multiple glitter ribbons. These come in pink, black and sparkling shades. The whole thing displays a very elegant look and the geometric shapes of this new bottle intersect brilliantly. Black Opium Pure Illusion somehow looks like a socialite, urban woman primed for crazy nocturnal adventures.

    Yves Saint-Laurent’s unchanged fragrance

    Note, however, that on the occasion of this revisit, the fragrance of Black Opium Pure Illusion is completely identical to that of the previous Black Opium. Made by perfumers Nathalie Lorson, Marie Salamagne, Honorine Blanc and Olivier Cresp, the Black Opium recipe revolves mainly around the smell of coffee. The result is exhilarating energy associated with smoother notes of white musk. White flowers of jasmine and orange blossom illuminate the whole with a more solar aura. Finally, Black Opium Pure Illusion ends with a more vibrant and sensual base containing patchouli, cedarwood and tonka bean.

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