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    Prime Contour by Valmont, the protector of fragile faces.

    Prime Contour by Valmont, the protector of fragile faces.
    Prime Contour by Valmont, the protector of fragile faces.

    Prime Contour by Valmont, the cream that takes care of the sensitive parts of your face

    Since its creation, the Valmont company has devoted all its research and know-how to the design of anti-aging products. Its professional treatments “combine expertise, product performance and precision in gesture”. Thus, Valmont’s goal is to adapt to each type of skin and to offer treatments specifically designed for all areas of your body. Also, not all parts of your face are in the same boat. The outline of your mouth or that of your eyes are particularly fragile. They are therefore more quickly subject to skin aging. It is therefore precisely to preserve them that Valmont’s Prime Contour cream was made.

    The eyes and mouth, fragile areas

    Our face is constantly subjected to external aggressions such as cold, pollution, stress, or temperature variations. To preserve it, it is protected with a hydrolipidic film. However, when the attacks are too strong, this protective shield tends to weaken. As a result, the skin becomes duller, rougher and less supple. In the long term, furrows widen on its surface. These are the wrinkles. What’s more, some parts of our face have much thinner skin. The eye area or that of our mouth are mainly concerned. As the epidermis is thinner, it is more sensitive to attacks. When it is not properly protected, it marks all the more easily and more durably. In addition, the contour of the eyes and the mouth and connected to many muscles. These parts of our face are in constant motion, whether when we speak or when we blink. These repetitive movements also leave marks on our skin. All of these elements combined these are the areas that age first on our body. It is therefore precisely to help them come to the aid of the Prime Contour cream by Valmont.

    The benefits of Valmont Prime Contour cream

    Prime Contour cream has a rich but non-greasy texture. In other words, despite its formidable effectiveness, it does not leave an unpleasant feeling on the skin. Its objective is to protect the most delicate skins and in particular the most fragile areas. For this, it contains many nutritive agents which promote day after day the appearance of visible signs of aging. Likewise, this treatment also prevents your skin from becoming dehydrated. The Cream Prime Contourmust be applied morning and evening, by small touches on the contour of your eyes and your mouth. It spreads directly with your fingertips, and a simple dab is enough to nourish your skin durably. By making simple pressure with your fingers and by performing circular massage movements during its application, you will also promote blood circulation in your skin. Therefore, the combination of these mechanical gestures with the richness of Prime Contour cream will visibly decrease the signs of aging on your face.

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