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    Preserving your Clarins Complete Anti-Stretch Marks Care

    Preserving your Clarins Complete Anti-Stretch Marks Care
    Preserving your Clarins Complete Anti-Stretch Marks Care

    Preserve the elasticity of your skin with Clarins Complete Anti-Stretch Marks Care

    We would love to have beautiful, perfectly smooth skin. However, we are not very likely to have a naturally elastic epidermis that adapts to the evolution of our morphology. As a result, in places, some stretch marks can form. Fortunately, cosmetology has greatly evolved, and Clarins offers particularly effective treatments to reduce the visibility of stretch marks and prevent their appearance. Focus on the Complete Anti-Stretch Mark Care.

    What are stretch marks and why do they appear?

    Stretch marks are a kind of purplish red scars that correspond to a fracture of the elastic fibers of the skin. Most of the time, stretch marks occur on the top and back of the thighs, on the hips, on the buttocks, on the lower back, on the stomach or on the breasts. Stretch marks appear during strong variations in weight but are also partly due to your genetic makeup. In fact, the more elastic skin you have, the less likely you are to have it. Stretch marks are the result of an imbalance between the production and destruction of elastic fibers and collagen fibers that make up the skin. From then on, the epidermis cracks, revealing ugly unsightly lines. In general, stretch marks occur during hormonal changes, especially during puberty.

    The results provided by the Complete Anti-Stretch Marks Treatment from Clarins

    Clarins Complete Anti-Stretch Marks Care is a product made from many plant extracts. It meets the many needs of the epidermis and is ideal for pregnancy. It accompanies puberty, but also all variations in weight. The Complete Anti-Stretch Mark Careby Clarins helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks and reduce their visibility. For this, it strengthens the elasticity of the skin and promotes the protection of the collagen fibers present in your skin surface. Clarins Complete Anti-Stretch Marks Care restructures the supporting tissues of the epidermis. Thus, it immediately alleviates the appearance of incipient stretch marks. Over time, it rids them of their pink color to make them as invisible as possible. Finally, for your comfort, it reduces feelings of tightness by nourishing the skin. Tests have shown that 100% of users of this treatment were satisfied with the hydration and comfort of their skins after use. 96% of them believe that their skin is softer after four weeks of use. 92% emphasize the firmness of their skin. Finally, 91% say they feel more toned in their skin.

    The Complete Anti-Stretch Marks Care is used once or twice a day or at any time when your skin starts to become uncomfortable. To do this, simply apply it with light circular movements on the thighs, hips, stomach and breasts.

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