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    Presence: The chic masculine perfume signed Montblanc

    Presence: The chic masculine perfume signed Montblanc
    Presence: The chic masculine perfume signed Montblanc

    The famous house of high-end pens and leather goods launched into perfumery in 2001 with the beautiful and original Présence. Created by Corinne Cachen, this masculine scent seems made for men who like to affix their signature with a Meisterstück so much its wake is frank, fresh and original. The Man of Presence is a strong man who preserves his privacy while showing his Presence… unique!

    The very first men’s perfume signed Montblanc

    The Montblanc house, called in the first place Simplo Filler Pen Company, was created in 1906 in Hamburg by Claus-Johannes Voss, Alfred Nehemias and August Eberstein in order to give the fountain pen a second wind. From the following year, the trio named their brand Montblanc, a name that for decades would be synonymous with luxury, quality and craftsmanship.

    The considerable growth of the company pushes its main shareholders to want to diversify while maintaining the brand image of elegance of the company. In 2001, Montblanc became a perfume house thanks to Présence, its very first male fragrance.

    For Présence, Montblanc retains all of the brand’s sober and timeless aesthetic and elegance values by offering a fragrance that aims to be dedicated to “A strong and passionate man.” A man of discreet and elegant confidence. »Montblanc for Présence. As a result, the visuals for Présence retain a very refined aesthetic enhanced by the lens of Mario Sorrenti. Around two key figures framed by a sumptuous black and white, reminding us of the chic aesthetic of the famous pens, the man and the woman seek the man Presence as an almost vital “presence”.

    An original oriental-fern for a racy Presence

    The Presence bottle is a jewel of contrasts highlighted by a glossy black background on which a pure and transparent glass globe rests. The shapes are as sharp as they are curved. The Man of Presence is at least as complex as his bottle, would the Montblanc man be a man of many facets?

    Corinne Cachen opens the beautiful Presence with an ultratonic blend of hesperids and spices built around bergamot, then spiced with cinnamon, ginger and cardamom. At the heart, the vegetal and aromatic clary sage meets a sweet and deliciously sweet apple, which is more rare in a masculine scent. The earthy and deep heliotrope will bring its mysterious floral facets to this fruity aromatic heart. Tonka bean, sandalwood and amber bring their woody and wild depths to this beautiful Presence which will end up coiling delicately in cottony white musks.

    “Présence de Montblanc is like a showcase for a reserved, modest and cultured man. He is a man who knows how to stay away, listens to others but who, naturally, stands out with his strong presence. »Montblanc for Présence.

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