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    Prada Candy, an olfactory treat full of daring

    Prada Candy, a daring candy
    Prada Candy, a daring candy

    It was in 1913 that Mario Prada opened his store in Milan. He made leather products which were very popular and success was not long in coming… It was only 50 years later, and under the impetus of his granddaughter Miuccia Prada, that Prada joined the world of leather goods. and fashion. It is Miuccia Prada who will infuse the brand with modernity and openness. In 2011, and after several olfactory successes, Prada presents “Prada Candy”, a fragrance that reveals the facet of the woman where excess is king.

    Prada Candy, the delicacy of the Prada house

    “Prada Candy” is like an open door between confectionery and perfume. The Candy woman will then be like a delicately sensual treat. Deliciously swirling, the woman Candy is no less fascinating. It transports us to emotions of happiness, vivid, colorful and delicious emotions. Full of daring, the “Prada Candy” fragrance pushes all women to realize their wildest dreams and wishes, without being afraid. “Prada Candy” reveals a new side of women. More excessive and above all more passionate, the Candy woman is explosive! “Prada Candy” is an impulsive and original charm… Audacity and passion are combined here to the delight of our senses!

    The playful notes of Prada Candy

    “Prada Candy” is a fragrance with an unprecedented olfactory balance, which combines quality ingredients in exceptional proportions. It was perfumer Danielle Andrier who created this little masterpiece and who achieved a perfect balance between sensual and sweet notes. “Prada Candy” begins with the association of a powdery accord with a floral accord. The heart is a musky accord, silky and enveloping thanks to the presence of white musks and benzoin from Laos. Finally, the base leaves an ultra greedy and ultra excessive trail because it is filled with caramel.

    The bottle brings a touch of delicacy to the composition, because it sports a slender glass column. This is adorned with a bright pink Saffiano leather ribbon. The Prada logo is inscribed in gold letters in the fashion of the perfumes of yesteryear. Its stopper looks like a shiny black half-moon that activates like a pump. As for the transparency of the glass, it gives a glimpse of its flaming amber-colored juice… An ultra retro bottle.

    Gluttony in a bottle… “Candy Prada” symbolizes women in all their excesses, but also women with all their desires and dreams. If the fragrance is delicious, it is nonetheless ultra sensual. Perfect harmony in a super retro setting.

    Discover the latest version of this perfume: Candy Kiss

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