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    Pour un Homme by Caron L’Eau, a new fragrance

    Pour un Homme by Caron L'Eau, a new fragrance
    Pour un Homme by Caron L’Eau, a new fragrance

    Pour un Homme L’Eau, a concentrate of lavender freshness

    Pour un Homme by Caron is an exceptional fragrance that demonstrates exceptional longevity. Designed in 1934, it literally revolutionized the world of perfumery. Indeed, it is inspired by Eau de Cologne which precede it while adding more tenacity. Its formula remained completely unchanged until 2005. There, he saw a version of its scent appear even more intense than his initial recipe. Today, Pour un Homme by Caron is being transformed once again into a new fragrance in 2018 and becomes Pour un Homme L’Eau. It accentuates its freshness while preserving the DNA of its elders.

    Pour un Homme de Caron, a small revolution in the history of perfumery

    If Caron’s Pour un Homme was so talked about when it was released, it is quite simply because, before it, men’s perfumery did not exist. Men simply perfumed themselves with the traditional Eau de Cologne, synonymous with freshness and well-being. While preserving their vitality, the Pour un Homme perfume has given itself more tenacity. Immediately he was adopted and his success was overwhelming. Far from fashions and pretenses, it has survived the ages while preserving its authenticity. He gives us the image of a man present and fulfilled, reassuring and charming.

    The new liveliness of Pour un Homme L’Eau

    Today, Pour un Homme L’Eau is transforming its original composition and notably lightening its vanilla notes. As such, it becomes more sparkling and lively. Pour un Homme L’Eau lets all its freshness fully express itself. It first takes off on a Mediterranean alliance of lavender and lime. Geranium occupies its heart and leaves a more peppery and floral breath. Finally, Pour un Homme L’Eau is enriched with a more syrupy and suave base of ambergris and vetiver.

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