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    Poison Girl, the new perfumed temptation of Dior finally in a box

    Poison Girl, the new scented temptation of dior finally in a box
    Poison Girl, the new scented temptation of dior finally in a box

    Poison Girl, the new temptress of Dior returns in a box

    Poison Girl is more than a perfume. It is the reinterpretation of one of the biggest myths in perfumery. He takes up the subversive side of Poison while giving it a touch of modernity. This judge is particularly feminine. He displays a flirtatious and daring seductive spirit. Poison Girl is the image of a sexy and insolent woman, fully assuming herself and not hesitating to disturb those around her. Today, for the end of the year celebrations, Dior has decided to reinvent this already cult perfume. The new box set of Poison Girl thus continues the pleasure.

    The floral and gourmet breath of Poison Girl

    Poison Girl is a perfectly orchestrated perfume that responds to the current trend for gourmet essences without falling into the overbearing of candy and sentimentality. This juice is both delicious and sassy. It begins with a fruity and tangy scent of bitter orange. Then, it is wrapped in a brown bean. Vanilla reinforces its exotic and suave heat. Its irresistible charm is still enveloped in a tolu balm, while its elegance vibrates in contact with the Damask rose. Finally, Poison Girl ends with a more woody and milky sensuality of Sri Lankan sandalwood.

    The new Dior box

    Dior, however, decided not to create an insolent perfume. The brand is now moving more towards a clean visual. The white color of this box is enriched with a few golden nuances and a snowflake on its front face. The spirit of the Christmas holidays is well and truly there. The Dior set contains the Poison Girl bottle in a 50 ml format, accompanied by its bag spray.

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