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    Pi Air, new freshness from Givenchy

    Pi Air, new freshness from Givenchy
    Pi Air, new freshness from Givenchy

    3.14159265359… The number Pi, also called Archimedes’ constant, is a number represented by the Greek letter of the same name. This barbaric number corresponds to the constant ratio between the circumference of a circle and its diameter in the Euclidean plane. However, for more poetry, know that Pi is also a cult fragrance from the Givenchy house created in 1998 . It has just been reinterpreted in a new format filled with freshness. This newcomer is called Pi Air and already promises to embellish the summer season for men.

    Pi Air, a fragrance dedicated to exceptional men

    With the Pi perfume, Givenchy decided to pay tribute to curious men eager for new discoveries. Also, Pi Air seems to fit in exactly the same register. This is intended “for the knights of the squaring of the circle, the discoverers of new territories, the explorers of virtual spaces, the cybernauts in search of the Grail, the inventors of strong emotions, the conquerors of the impossible, the virtuosos feelings, to the hunters of truth… ”. Pi Air is aimed at personalities eager to learn more. What’s more, this timeless scent seems to have crossed the ages to reach us. Indeed, it echoes all those who have rubbed shoulders with the mathematical theory of the number Pi such as the Egyptians or the Hebrews.

    Givenchy’s new recipe

    Pi Air is now less opulent than its predecessor. As its name suggests, this is a fresher and more airy composition than before. It begins with a striking contrast between solar neroli and spicy, aphrodisiac ginger. This incandescent freshness is then relayed by a more aromatic heart. This combines the scent of rosemary with that of lavender from Provence as well as the paradisone molecule, an element famous for its floral scent. Finally, the base of this perfume warms up somewhat. Benzoin delivers its enveloping appearance while cedar frames it all. Musk, on the other hand, has a more sensual and wildly additive aspect here.

    The timeless bottle of Pi Air

    Pi Air is presented to us in a bottle with a silhouette similar to that of its predecessor. It must be said that this one did not go unnoticed when it was released. Defying time, he seemed to be standing halfway between the pyramid of Kheops and that of the Louvre. Once again, Pi Air takes us into a timeless visual. It seems to combine the splendours of the past with a more futuristic vision of the pyramid. Its shape rises towards the sky as if to symbolize the power of men. The whole is sculpted in a heavy glass which is profiled in a vertiginous ascent. The proportions of this bottle are absolutely perfect. Its two rear panels, on the other hand, are hammered as if to give more character to this perfume. The whole is enigmatic and luxurious, this time delivering a bluish juice. Pi Air is then surmounted by a very innovative closing system, a kind of push-to-rocker plug. Golden in the past, it has now transformed into a silver color for a more modern look than ever.

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