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    Patchouli perfume reminiscence

    Patchouli perfume reminiscence
    Patchouli perfume reminiscence

    THE great scent of the hippy years: Reminiscence Patchouli

    The 70s, Indian skirts, floral jackets, XXL glasses and their perfumes, or rather their perfume because basically, there was a lot but above all only one: Patchouli de Réminiscence. Why ? Quite simply because young bohemian women were looking for a scented composition that resembles them, that makes them dream of distant journeys and of still unknown scents with exquisite power, as if to better mark their presence.

    Patchouli was born from the passion of Zoé Coste and Nino Ammadeo for travel and discovery. While their bohemian jewelry house has just opened in the south of France, Zoé Coste meets a great perfumer who will make her dream of those exotic wood scents that she had never forgotten during a walk in London. Between Maurice Sozio “the alchemist perfumer” and Réminiscence, it was love at first sight that gave birth to Patchouli in 1970. Very quickly the perfume, created to be mixed, was to experience overwhelming success with both young women and men. so much does it respond to an obvious desire, an urgent need for escape.

    However, the young Réminiscence house did not really calibrate this beautiful Patchouli as a commercial perfume. No visual, no advertising, Patchouli de Réminiscence sells as much as it does not seek to be seen!

    Even today, Patchouli remains a benchmark in terms of perfume composed around this precious exotic wood. Forty years later, Réminiscence continues to sell this perfume from elsewhere which turns heads and capsizes hearts. Love it or hate it Patchouli has carved its name into the modern history of perfumery.

    Burning and sensual scents for an intoxicating and legendary Patchouli

    As we have said, Patchouli by Réminiscence in no way seeks to resemble a classic perfume product . So while some bottles redouble their aesthetic work to sell better, Patchouli comes in a sober glass and a few gold stars to match its cabochon. The curved shape of the glass will perhaps be the only sophistication the house wanted to bring out.

    Patchouli de Réminiscence opens from the start with nervous and tonic cedar woods accompanied by a burning patchouli wood. At the heart, sandalwood and vetiver tonic offer their mysterious and intoxicating woody powers. Finally Patchouli will reveal its wild and rebellious side thanks to notes of labdanum and tolu balm counterbalanced by the sweet and gourmet beauty of notes of vanilla and tonka bean.

    A real scent of character, Patchouli de Réminiscence throws us full force into the dreamed universe of hippies where escape and seductive power had been able to blend into a divine scent!

    “Reminiscence style exercises are always surprising. Marked, whether we like them or not, they never leave you indifferent and those who cling to them really make them “their” scent.

    Reminiscence - Patchouli Box

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    Patchouli box

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    The Reminiscence Patchouli Box contains a 100ml Pachouli Vapo Eau de Toilette and a 100ml Body Lotion as a GIFT.

    The myth and elegance of Patchouli.

    Since 1970, Patchouli has evoked dreams, escape and mystery. A fragrance of ultimate femininity, the notes of this woody oriental, which has become a classic, embody the soul of Reminiscence fragrances. Symbol of freedom, bohemian fragrance, timeless fragrance that has marked a whole generation of women.

    An initiatory scent, this fragrance is a secret that women have passed on by word of mouth, from mother to daughter since 1970. Hippie era, scent of travel, of freedom, Patchouli and the imagination soars to distant horizons. Patchouli magic and fascination continue today.

    A fragrance to be experienced as a wonderful, unique and sensual escape.

    Women’s Perfumes

    Olfactory Family: Oriental

    Top Notes: Cedarwood, Patchouli

    Heart Notes: Sandalwood, Vetiver

    Base notes: Labdanum Cistus, Baume Tolu, Vanilla, White Musks, Tonka Bean

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