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    Parisienne, the great classic of Yves Saint Laurent

    Parisienne, the great classic of Yves Saint Laurent
    Parisienne, the great classic of Yves Saint Laurent

    Parisienne is a floral and woody fragrance that has established itself as one of the great classics of the Yves Saint Laurent house. It tells the story of a woman in black who spent a sleepless night. This woman could not be more glamorous and has an angelic face that does not lack playfulness. It is a Parisian seen by Yves Saint Laurent , still in an evening dress as the day breaks. Paris is at his feet… No wonder when we know that the muse in question is none other than the famous Kate Moss.

    The essential fragrance of the Yves Saint Laurent house

    Yves Saint Laurent has been a perfume designer since 1964. However, we must admit that Parisienne is one of his essential fragrances. This captures the free spirit and the voluptuousness that characterize Parisian life. It is borrowed from a lot of magic and contains the soul of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This fragrance paints the portrait of a woman freed from her constraints and who thinks for herself. Also, this woman has a face: that of Kate Moss. It seems then that the marketing campaign really worked well since Parisienne quickly climbed into the top 20 of 2010 for best sales for women in France. Also, victim of its own success, La Parisienne is available in eau de Perfume, eau de toilette, perfumed body milk, perfumed shower gel and deodorant.

    Parisienne, the nectar of a sensual, elegant and deeply free woman

    Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurenttakes again the flowery and powdery pink-violet frame of its elder and great classic Paris. The theme is however treated differently and appears younger and completely modernized. Thus, the designer, Sophia Grosjman has added a note of red fruits, in this case raspberry and blackberry, as well as patchouli. Indeed, this ingredient has become a must for fragrances wishing to target a younger audience. Also, the very romantic aspect of the original essence is somewhat toned down in favor of something more dapper. The desired effect is very glossy. With Parisienne, the powdery side is put aside in favor of the more fruity aspect. The agreement remains consensual but much more contemporary. Its heart is very floral and its rose scent reinforces its extreme femininity. The violet, for its part, more sensual and carnal, evokes leather. Moreover, Kate Moss does not fail to wear it in advertising.

    Finally, how to talk about this perfume without mentioning its sublime bottle? This case is very elegant. It is halfway between sculpture and jewelry. The Parisienne bottle is chiseled, as if to recall the innumerable rue de Paris. In addition, it is also draped, as if to evoke the sheets in which La Parisienne would come to curl up, thus depositing its delicate scent.

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