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    Paris, a city dear to the heart of Yves Saint Laurent

    Paris, a city dear to the heart of Yves Saint Laurent
    Paris, a city dear to the heart of Yves Saint Laurent

    Yves Saint-Laurent is undoubtedly the most Parisian designer of his time. Also, it is in all logic that he gave the name of this city which is so dear to him to one of its perfumes. Paris is an emblematic essence of the feminine universe, both delicate and reassuring. It releases a floral accord mainly built around the rose. For the occasion it has been worked in a fresh and spicy way. When you smell this perfume, which you can find for less on our site, it’s a bit like entering the intimacy of Yves Saint-Laurent. This one put all his soul into it and it shows.

    The Parisian universe of Yves Saint-Laurent

    Paris: that one word is enough to make many stars shine in people’s eyes. A multitude of ideas immediately come to mind. The Luxembourg Gardens, the Tuileries, the Eiffel Tower, the Pont des Arts… So many places that are familiar to Yves Saint-Laurent. Indeed, it is in this city that he began to work as a designer in the world of fashion. Likewise, it is here that he will launch his first fashion house. Finally, he spent his whole life there alongside his companion Pierre Bergé, before dying there in 2008. Many people consider Paris to be the most beautiful city in the world. It is the city of love, the city of light. It is synonymous with la vie en rose and thus inspired the main ingredient in this essence. Paris is a tender and romantic fragrance. It makes you want to stroll in the heart of the capital, with a smile on your face and your heart seduced by the surrounding beauty. Also, the woman who wears it only looks more beautiful, more refined and more cheerful. Paris suits him wonderfully and gives him unparalleled refinement.

    Paris, a rose-based essence

    Parisiennes are recognized around the world for their class and French elegance. Also, if they were to be embodied by a flower, this would undoubtedly be the rose, the flower embodying nobility par excellence. However, Yves Saint-Laurent is demanding and did not choose just any rose. Indeed, the scent he selected is that which emanated from a rose in his garden in Marrakech, when he was a child. Its freshness is then associated with equally invigorating notes of bergamot and honeysuckle. In addition, the carnation brings its peppery side while the violet gives off powdery scents. This floral arrangement is then illuminated by orange blossom, as well as by hawthorn and jasmine. Iris, a particularly noble ingredient in the field of perfumery, is enveloped by the milky smell of sandalwood as well as the woody scent of vetiver. Finally, a touch of honey finished off sublimating the whole with a touch of gluttony. Since its creation, this perfume has never ceased to intoxicate women. In addition, Yves Saint-Laurent ensures that it never falls into oblivion and, since 2004, has made a habit of publishing a limited edition each year. Also, that of 2015 is entitledParis Rouge et Or and becomes so dazzling.

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