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    Paradiso Assoluto, the newcomer of Roberto Cavalli

    Paradiso Assoluto, the newcomer of Roberto Cavalli
    Paradiso Assoluto, the newcomer of Roberto Cavalli

    Roberto Cavalli is a designer who was born in Florence in 1940, a city renowned as the historic capital of Italian art. So, fascinated by his country, he decided to pay tribute to it through a collection of fragrances called Paradiso. It already has to its credit two juices named Paradiso and Paradiso Azzurro. Also, in this year 2016, the Italian brand decided to expand its range by bringing it a new kid named Paradiso Assoluto. This is presented as being like a heavenly garden sewn of a bountiful nature.

    The beauty of nature highlighted by Roberto Cavalli

    Each of the juices in the Paradiso collection aims to give thanks to the Mediterranean Dolce Vita and the benefits of nature. They appear like a vision of an earthly paradise and smell as good as happiness. Each of them thus depicts a different Italian landscape. They encourage us to take full advantage of what nature has to offer. They are a concentrate of charm, seduction and splendor. Through the new Paradiso Assoluto, Roberto Cavalli has decided to take us to his secret garden. This appears like a clever mix of Italian flavors. It is a highly sensual juice while not lacking in impertinence, like a typical Mediterranean woman.

    The floral flavor of Paradiso Assoluto

    The olfactory pyramid Paradiso Assoluto begins with an agreement both seductive and saucy. This highlights the pure freshness of wisteria while combining it with the spicy and wild impertinence of red pepper. Then, a note of wild jasmine literally explodes his heart. In addition, this is the signature of all the perfumes emanating from the Paradiso collection. This plant gives the whole a rich and opulent flavor. It is associated with red lily, a white flower with a flavor very similar to that of jasmine, known for its sunny and somewhat spicy scent. Finally, Paradiso Assoluto gradually evolves towards a deeper background. This contains patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla. He leaves behind him a sensual and particularly creamy sensation.

    Roberto Cavalli’s jewel bottle

    Finally, note that Paradiso Assoluto would be nothing without its sublime bottle. This one is shaped like a multi-faceted diamond. Its base is covered with an intense red, the color of passion. Its collar, meanwhile, is embellished with a gold ring similar to a wedding ring. Thus, Roberto Cavalli suggests to us that it is quite simply impossible to do without Paradiso Assoluto once you have tasted it. The set is topped with a transparent cabochon similar to a crystal ball. The Paradiso Assoluto setting is the work of designer Eva Maria Duringer. It comes in three different sizes and you can choose to use it in 30, 50 or 75 ml.

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