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    Paco Rabanne’s Olympéa Aqua fragrance returns in 2018

    The Olympéa Aqua fragrance is back in 2018
    The Olympéa Aqua fragrance is back in 2018

    Olympéa Aqua 2018, the new divine potion from Paco Rabanne

    Invictus is a sort of athletic and almost divine hero who appeared in 2013. From then on, all he needed was a campaign worthy of the name to be a fully developed man. This was done in 2015 with the creation of Olympéa . Since its launch, this juice has symbolized all the power of femininity. Its olfactory variations deal with the theme of water and baths. However, Paco Rabanne this time decided to integrate a salty vanilla more sensual and seductive than ever. Olympéa Aqua is the name of Paco Rabanne’s new creation for 2018 and already promises to intoxicate you with pleasure.

    Olympéa Aqua, the scent of freshly salted skin

    Olympéa Aqua is a perfume that incorporates the olfactory codes of its predecessors. However, it offers more nuances than before and plays on an elegant mixture of flavors and contrasts.

    All in balance, it opposes a solar freshness to a more carnal and seductive depth. It begins first with the liveliness of citrus fruit associated with multiple white flowers. Water jasmine is enriched with lemon blossom, for a madly feminine look that is synonymous with freedom. Then, Olympéa Aqua warms up in contact with cashmere wood. Amber deposits its iodine scent on the whole. Finally, the entirety of this fragrance is traversed by a totally irresistible salty vanilla.

    In general, Olympéa Aqua is like a trickle of freshly salted water that we would drop onto hot skin.

    Luma Grothe to embody the image of Olympéa Aqua

    As you do not change a winning team, Paco Rabanne has once again decided to call on the attractive Luma Grothe to embody the face of Olympéa Aqua. The pretty Brazilian is one of the most famous tops in the world and has already been transported to the highest catwalks on the world stage, whether in Paris, Milan or New York. Her magnetic charm and devastating gaze have made her one of the most famous muses of our time.

    Like Olympéa Aqua, Luma Grothe seems to be a sort of chosen one who stands out from the crowd. Its devastating beauty is the fruit of multi-ethnic origins, both German, Japanese and African. Luma Grothe is therefore aimed at all women in their generality and reveals to us, through this last perfume, an ultimate facet of her personality.

    Olympéa Aqua and its Art-Deco bottle

    Olympéa Aqua is also sublimated by an elegant bottle that we owe to designer Marc Ange. Completely timeless, it combines mythological codes with Art-Deco style architecture. The power of the Olympéa Aqua woman is embodied by the laurels of victory, drawn in relief on the outline of her bottle. Its transparent glass now gives us a glimpse of a peach-pink juice. With him, everything is only a question of romanticism, carnal seduction and femininity.

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