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    Paco Rabanne unveils a new Lady Million bottle for Christmas

    Paco Rabanne unveils a new Lady Million bottle for Christmas
    Paco Rabanne unveils a new Lady Million bottle for Christmas

    Lady Million Collector Christmas, the festive bottle of Paco Rabanne

    Paco Rabanne is a designer who does not lack originality and who has often made materials his source of inspiration. Remember, in 1968, he had the idea of ​​making a dress entirely composed of 9 kg of fine gold plates and 300 carats of diamonds. Today, he also mixes these two universes in a fragrance called Lady Million. However, in this year 2017, it seems that it is time to celebrate! Paco Rabanne transformed the bottle of his perfume and made it Lady Million Collector Christmas.

    The Smell of Lady Million Collector Christmas

    In reality, this unique perfume creates a surprise only through its bottle. Its iconic fragrance, meanwhile, remains unchanged. It must be said that Lady Million has a vibrant and terribly sensual scent. It is like a huge bouquet of sunny raspberry and bigarade flowers. Neroli and orange blossom give it a more solar aspect. Sambac jasmine and gardenia reinforce its elegance. Finally, its background is more haunting and seductive. It combines amber honey and patchouli. The result is a terribly tempting juice.

    The new bottle of Lady Million Collector Christmas

    Of course, the Lady Million Collector Noël perfume retains its iconic diamond shape, at least at the level of its cabochon. Its base, on the other hand, is much more elongated than before. Likewise, in addition to this change of silhouette, Lady Million Collector Noël now seems to be partially covered with a golden lacquer, as if dripping on its walls. It thus seems to be in the process of being manufactured and gives us part of its solar heart. This effect is also present on its cardboard case. What’s more, the black background of this packaging beautifully highlights the golden color of this new perfume.

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