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    Paco Rabanne perfume Lady Million Privé

    Paco Rabanne - Lady Million Privé
    Paco Rabanne – Lady Million Privé

    The opulence of the new Lady Million Privé by Paco Rabanne

    Like all of Paco Rabanne’s Haute Couture creations, his fragrances are daring, sensual and innovative. Each of its bottles expresses its taste for the material, its “Rabannian” vision of architecture and its proven penchant for modernity. They transmit emotion and know-how in the Rabanne way. Also, it is not the new kid on the block who will come to prove us the opposite. Lady Million Privé enters the scene and is determined to surprise us with its depth, sensuality and mystery.

    Paco Rabanne, a designer fascinated by gold

    If the Lady Million Privé perfume retains its appearance of a golden diamond, Paco Rabanne’s fascination with gold does not date from yesterday. Indeed, the fate of the creator is intimately linked to this exceptional material. In 1968, he imagined a dress made entirely of 9 kg of fine gold plates. In addition, this creative eccentricity was also seen endowed with a neckline decorated with 300 carats of diamonds. This exceptional garment was then intended for singer Françoise Hardy and marks the beginning of a fusional story between the couturier and gold. Paco Rabanne sees in this material a symbol of power, royalty, excess and fantasies. Gold seems to symbolize by itself the universe of Paco Rabanne. Like him, Lady Million Privé pays tribute to femininity and unbridled creativity. It is a terribly daring fragrance and presents luxury to us with naturalness and humor. The Lady Million Privé woman thus seems to display an escalation of glamor spiced up with an absolutely charming unrealism. This eternal dissatisfied seems to be chasing after her excessive dreams, making life a game of seduction with a sparkling allure.

    Lady Million Privé, the revisiting of an olfactory legend

    For the occasion, Lady Million’s famous diamond-shaped bottle has been revisited and tinted with a slightly darker color than before. Its imposing cabochon covers a transparent base revealing a honeyed juice similar to molten gold. This case symbolizes femininity in a sparkling way. It would almost become the source of all lusts. Its scent, meanwhile, was developed by the talented Anne Flipo. Lady Million Privé opens with a luminous and floral scent of orange blossom. This is however accompanied by the depth of more woody notes. Then, Lady Million Privé evolves towards a juicy and fruity scent of raspberry accompanied by the soothing sweetness of heliotrope. Likewise, an exquisite vanilla makes its appearance for a very warm rendering. Finally, Lady Million Privé ends its race with the sensuality of patchouli combined with the gluttony of cocoa and honey. Note, however, that this perfume would be nothing without a sublime muse. Paco Rabanne then decided to keep the beautiful Czech model Ana Jirickova at the head of this title. On the other hand, it will take a little more patience to discover the images of the marketing campaign for this new juice.

    Paco Rabanne is a talented designer particularly recognized for his daring. Also, this character trait is displayed everywhere in each of his creations, whether in terms of fashions or in terms of perfumery. Also, in this year 2016, Paco Rabanne decided to write a new chapter to one of his star fragrances. For the occasion, Lady Million puts on new clothes of light and is more impertinent and mischievous than ever. Lady Million Privé should soon invade our perfume department and already promises not to leave you indifferent.

    Lady Million Privé, the olfactory gold contained in a diamond

    Also, in order to develop his new perfume, Paco Rabanne again called on the perfumer Anne Flipo, already creator in charge of the first opus of the saga. Nevertheless, this time she imagined an even more irresistible, hypnotic and sensual fragrance than her previous version. Lady Million Privé starts with a daring combination of orange blossom and woody notes. Thus, a floral and luminous aspect clashes with more enveloping and deep tones. Then, Lady Million Privé evolves towards a more fruity and juicy heart based on raspberries. This red fruit is then embellished with heliotrope, a small purple flower that is both soft and soothing. Moreover, the amended scent of it is still enveloped in a hint of exotic vanilla. Finally, Lady Million Privé ends with a more camphoric base emanating from patchouli. This ingredient is thus associated with very greedy aromas of cocoa and honey. As usual, Lady Million Privé is contained in Paco Rabanne’s emblematic diamond-shaped bottle. However, for the occasion, it is darker than before. Its amber cabochon then surmounts a transparent base revealing its golden juice similar to molten gold, quite a symbol!

    Talents at the service of Paco Rabanne

    Also, in order to convey the image of his essence, Paco Rabanne called on charming muses. The fragrance couple One Million and Lady Million Privé will then be embodied by Ana Jirickova, a Czech model, and Sean O’Pry, a rising star of fashion. In addition, although the advertising campaign for the new Lady Million Privé has not yet been unveiled, we already know that we will have the pleasure of meeting there the pretty blonde, muses of the brand since 2014. For the record, it was spotted in an art gallery while she was barely 16 years old. It was that same year that she won her first modeling competition. Since that day, she enjoys posing in front of the lenses of the greatest photographers like Peter Lindberg or Steve Hiett. Likewise, after having paraded for the biggest brands and posed for world-famous magazines such as Vogue in 2013, it is now to Paco Rabanne that this charming creature lends her face. She thus appears in the company of her sidekick and the two then form a most glamorous couple. As Paco Rabanne explains: “She is the Bonnie, he is her Clyde […] They are there, intense and precious.

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