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    Our opinion on This is Him by Zadig & Voltaire

    Our opinion on This is Him by Zadig & Voltaire
    Our opinion on This is Him by Zadig & Voltaire

    This is Him by Zadig & Voltaire, a harmonious yet very contrasting fragrance

    Zadig & Voltaire is a French ready-to-wear brand known for its rock ‘n’ roll and bohemian style. Its look, both chic and relaxed, displays a striking and intriguing contrast. Also, this has earned Zadig & Voltaire the honor of being appreciated by many personalities and by a new generation of lovers of beautiful materials. Also, it is precisely this opposition between refined elegance and more raw naturalness that we find in the perfume This is Him . In our opinion, it is an essence halfway between authenticity and prestige, a harmony played here with precision and brio.

    This is Him, a modern and subtle juice

    If This is Him is a recent perfume but already very popular, it is all subscription because it displays a very interesting contrast and allows everyone to identify with it. This juice was developed by two renowned perfumers, namely Nathalie Lorson and Aurélien Guichard. Both knew how to associate through him a modern and subtle sensuality with a disarming naturalness. The scent of This is Him is structured like an oriental and woody cocktail that is both dark and sparkling. This creation displays unparalleled dynamism that is very appreciable on a daily basis. Indeed, This is Him begins with top notes associating the bitterness of grapefruit with the spicy facet of black pepper. Its heart, meanwhile, is more intense with the presence of incense and vanilla. Besides,

    The simple and sophisticated bottle from Zadig & Voltaire

    Also, all the audacity of the house of Zadig & Voltaire is also found through the bottle of This is Him. However, note that this one does not present itself alone. Indeed, he is opposed to the feminine version of this fragrance, This is Her. If the latter is entirely lacquered in white, a symbol of purity, This is Him, on the contrary, is completely black. As Cécilia Bönstöm, artistic director of Zadig & Voltaire explains, the idea was to “find the right balance between a very clear and fresh fragrance and a darker and more mysterious touch. The whole thing then becomes all the more captivating, absolutely addicting and tempting.

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