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    Our opinion on Chrome Pure fragrance

    Our opinion on Chrome Pure fragrance
    Our opinion on Chrome Pure fragrance

    Chrome Pure, when Azzaro revisits with modernity a legend of perfumery

    Since its launch, the Chrome perfume has been synonymous with rare moments, emotions, authenticity… It borders on strength and tenderness, conveying an absolutely irresistible aromatic freshness in its path. Today, this is considered to be one of the greatest juices from the Azzaro house. However, the brand is not content to rely on its achievements. She keeps reinterpreting it. This is how the very latest Chrome Pure was born . So let’s see what are the strengths of this novelty given the excellence of its predecessors.

    Respect for the Azzaro philosophy

    With the Chrome Pure fragrance, the Azzaro house intends to respect tradition and convey the same values ​​as with its predecessors. Once again, this fragrance is a tribute to sharing and intergenerational transmission. Chrome Pure is a fragrance of authenticity and tenderness. This is felt in the clarity of its scent as well as in the purity of its design. Chrome Pure never tries to overdo it. This scent goes straight to the point, like a man talking with his heart. Thus, it perfectly respects the ancestral philosophy of Azzaro. Despite its contemporary appearance, it is the perfect echo of Loris Azzaro’s values.

    The Mediterranean flavor of Chrome Pure

    Chrome Pure is an amazing scent. It is at the same time quite classic while being loaded with totally unexpected ingredients. Indeed, taking up the fundamental values ​​of the Azzaro house, it takes care of flavors already present in the composition of its elders. However, it integrates these with other totally unusual smells. Thus, as if to echo its Mediterranean affiliation, Chrome Pure lights up in its orange blossom heart. Likewise, citrus fruits, such as tangerine and bergamot, come to boost its start. However, Chrome Pure dares the bold addition of Akigala wood. This molecule is a creation of Givaudan and is located halfway between the flavor of patchouli and that of oud wood. Contrasted by a more aquatic accord, this one comes to structure this perfume without falling into too much virility. The whole is wrapped in a smoother and woody base. The rendering of this perfume is absolutely balanced and harmonious.

    The new modernity of the Chrome Pure bottle

    Finally, note that Azzaro has managed to renew the visual of its bottle with a lot of modernity. This one has abandoned its bluish hue of yesteryear against an opaque white lacquer. This choice only accentuates its architectural aspect while endowing this fragrance with a more universal scope. Indeed, in all cultures and for centuries, civilizations have associated white with purity. Chrome Pure intends to establish its notoriety beyond borders, and it must be recognized that it has many assets for this.

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