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    Our expert opinion on La Femme Prada

    Our expert opinion on La Femme Prada
    Our expert opinion on La Femme Prada

    Prada La Femme, the new olfactory ingot of the perfume department

    In this year 2016, the Prada house has just unveiled a duo of fragrances soberly named Prada La Femme and L’Homme Prada. These two essences have just been unveiled when they already form an ideal and mythical pair. Also, it is more precisely on the female version that we suggest you look at today. This seems to be the incarnation of an “absolute woman” and thus seems thought to dazzle us in every way.

    The flashy aesthetic of the new Prada woman

    Gold has always been a material that fascinates people. Moreover, this one arouses so much envy that it is at the origin of many conflicts. Also, many are the houses of creation to have chosen this material to integrate it into works. Gold is both classic and refined and in this sense perfectly embodies the spirit of the Prada house. Moreover, the headquarters of the Prada Foundation has a facade entirely covered by this material. It is therefore logical that the Prada bottle has a sparkling and radiant front face matching its golden cabochon. Thus, Prada La Femme does not shy away from its luxurious side and clearly plays with its refinement through its aesthetics.

    The refined scent of Prada La Femme

    Also, with such a visual, Prada La Femme had to be up to the task in terms of scents. However, it is clear that this perfume keeps all its promises. It incorporates one of the most prestigious ingredients from the entire perfumer’s palette into its composition: iris. It displays its powdery tones here and is accompanied by the frangipani flower, a tropical shrub renowned for its restful virtues. The whole thing is however heckled by spices which only reinforces the impertinence of the Prada woman. Beeswax, on the other hand, softens it all. Thus, Prada La Femme appears to be a very harmonious perfume, neither too heady nor too light, just perfectly structured. He alone takes up all the standards of feminine perfumery while reappropriating them. In other words,

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