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    Opt for an extreme look with the new Waterproof Liner from Chanel

    Opt for an extreme look with the new Waterproof Liner from Chanel
    Opt for an extreme look with the new Waterproof Liner from Chanel

    A more intense look with the Chanel Liner

    Cleopatra, Audrey Hepburn, Amy Winehouse… All these great women have in common to have marked history with their audacity and their devastating charm. But did you know what they have in common when it comes to cosmetics? All three are eyeliner enthusiasts! This is also one of their main attributes: a bewitching and unforgettable look, sublimated with a black line capped like a comma. For hundreds of years, eyeliner has been one of the most popular makeup products for women. Today, it is reinventing itself thanks to the know-how of Chanel who soberly decides to call its novelty “Le Liner de Chanel”.

    A flexible applicator for smoother movement

    The Chanel Liner is presented in a small black tube, at the same time sober, refined and elegant. With him, there is no question of the superfluous. In reality, the Chanel Liner bottle goes above all for the essentials to simplify its handling. Its brush applicator is particularly flexible. Thus, it perfectly follows the movements of the eyelid and glides over it with lightness. Very precise, it allows easy application. His lead, meanwhile, is just as useful for drawing a thin line as a thicker line. With a single gesture, the Chanel Liner stretches the gaze and makes it more bewitching!

    The waterproof formula of Chanel Liner

    If the liner is traditionally black, Chanel dares the eccentricity and declines its product in 7 different shades: deep black, ultra brown, black red, metallic mauve, golden bronze, silver gray and cobalt blue. Whether you are looking for a versatile style or more extravagant, the Chanel Liner has something to satisfy all your desires. Its colored pigments are contained in a waterproof texture which guarantees it an exemplary hold in all circumstances, without the slightest transfer. Indeed, the Chanel Liner does not fear excess sebum, humidity or perspiration. Its formula also contains a latex film, which allows the product to stretch to the maximum to make its application easier and comfortable.

    What gestures for the Chanel Liner?

    Chanel Liner can be applied in different ways. For natural makeup, we recommend that you draw a very fine line at the upper base of your lashes. For a more intense rendering, on the other hand, start from the inner corner of your eye with finesse and gradually increase the thickness of your line to its outer corner, in order to draw a comma. Know that stretching your makeup out of your eyes will make it look larger. On the other hand, keep a light hand on the makeup of your lower eyelid. A line that is too imposing on the bottom of the eyes tends to weigh it down and make the eyes smaller.

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