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    Only The Brave Street, the new Diesel perfume set

    Only The Brave Street, the new Diesel perfume set
    Only The Brave Street, the new Diesel perfume set

    Diesel’s Only The Brave Street, the gift set for active city dwellers

    It all started in 2009 when the house Diesel decided to design the perfume Only The Brave. Quickly, this juice conquered men’s hearts with its energy and vitality. This oriental woodiness did not then take a long time to see variations of its scent appear. It became in turn Only The Brave Tattoo, Only The Brave Wild, Only The Brave Extreme or even Only The Brave High. His latest variation is called Only The Brave Street and gives us the portrait of an urban and urban man, determined and ambitious. Only The Brave Street is a fragrance of conviction that takes a determined step forward and helps those who wear it to achieve their goals with strength and serenity. Only The Brave Streetseems to possess in him “the pulse of all daring”. Today, its already cult scent returns in a new box.

    Only The Brave Street, a woody and spicy masculine

    Only The Brave Street by Diesel is not lacking in temperament and has an indomitable spirit within it. Therefore, its scent does not go unnoticed. To provoke an explosion of flavors, he plays on the strength of opposites. Only The Brave Street mixes opposing notes, creating a breath of energy. Its scent begins with a fruity and aromatic combination of basil, apple and bergamot. Then, this vitality is relayed by a heart of liquorice. This is the major ingredient in this fragrance. A bit greedy, Only The Brave Street quickly gains in character on contact with cardamom. Finally, its masculinity asserts itself in a woody trail of cedar and vetiver. Vanilla, in turn, further coats the whole with a sweet scent.

    The return of the famous Diesel bottle

    This new box is an opportunity for Diesel to put forward its most famous bottle. Since the start of the Only The Brave collection, this has taken on the appearance of a brandishing fist. Immediately, this bottle becomes a symbol of strength and freedom. This time, its texture changes in favor of a surface similar to raw concrete. More than ever, the urban universe is omnipresent. The signature of this perfume, for its part, appears on a metal plate appearing as a logo ring passed around two fingers.

    The urban box set from Only The Brave Street

    This time, Diesel’s Only The Brave Street comes in a box that perfectly matches the visual of its bottle. Moreover, this one makes its appearance on its front face, not sulking its determination. The whole rests on a surface also drawing a rough concrete. Entirely designed in gray tones, the box of Only The Brave Street is nevertheless sublimated by some bright orange details which perfectly reflect all its vitality. In this box are hidden three products from the same range: the spray from Only The Brave Street in a 75 ml format, with two shower gels, 100 and 50 ml as a gift.

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