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    Only The Brave High the new Diesel

    Only The Brave High the new Diesel
    Only The Brave High the new Diesel

    Only The Brave High, Diesel’s fresh new sensuality

    Only The Brave is a fragrance that we no longer present as it has established itself in the hearts of men. A fairly commercial and rather easy-to-access fragrance, Only The Brave instinctively seduced us when it was released in 2009 with its sensual virility and fairly explosive temperament. Also, it seems that this one has not said its last word… Diesel has decided to reinterpret its star fragrance to make it the brand new Only The Brave High. Once again, this is a juice enjoying its contrasts but above all focusing on freshness.

    Diesel’s famous fist

    Before we even get hooked on the new scent of Only The Brave High, let’s start by taking a closer look at its bottle. In addition, it has become a staple of the House of Diesel, greatly contributing to the notoriety of this perfume. The entire Only The Brave collection adopts the same silhouette. Its bottle is very original and consists of a solid glass case in the shape of a closed fist. Thus, Only The Brave High does not escape tradition and is displayed as a fragrance of convictions and assurance. This is intended for a man willing to take charge of his life and able to find sufficient energy to achieve his goals. As always, this bottle is decorated with an oversized ring encircling two fingers and displaying Diesel’s name. This is however clearer than in the past. Its silver hue then perfectly echoes its chromed metal cabochon. The whole thing contrasts with the new electric blue from Only The Brave High, a color that says a lot about the liveliness and freshness contained inside this bottle.

    The refreshing contrasts of Only The Brave High

    Perfectly in keeping with the visual of Only The Brave High, its essence is absolutely energizing. This was developed by a duo of perfumers made up of Carlos Benaïm and Antoine Maisondieu. Carlos Benaïm was born in Morocco, in Tangier, and has a very special passion for citrus fruits, fruits that remind him of his childhood memories. Antoine Maisondieu, meanwhile, was born in Grasse, in the heart of the Côte d’Azur, and generally turns more to floral flavors which he considers a source of many emotions. Also, it is this mixture of cultures and know-how that we find in the new Only The Brave High. This fragrance combines the bitterness of grapefruit with the liveliness of yuzu, a small Japanese citron. Their freshness is also supported by the biting aspect of peppermint. Then, the heart of this fragrance becomes spicier. Geranium gives it a touch of peppery elegance supported by the presence of ginger. Only The Brave High finally gradually gains in sensuality until we deliver an irresistible mixture of wood and amber.

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