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    Only the Brave Extreme fragrance, an intensity that cannot be suspected

    Only the Brave Extreme, an intensity that cannot be suspected
    Only the Brave Extreme, an intensity that cannot be suspected

    The style of the Diesel brand is defined as casual, rebellious and provocative. It was in 1978 that Renzo Rosso and Adriano Goldschmied. They choose the name “Diesel” because it was an easy name to pronounce in all languages. The logo, at the head of mohican and the slogan “Only the brave” appeared in 1982, giving the brand its rebellious side. The first perfume of the brand “Diesel Plus Plus” was released in 1997. In 2016, Diesel unveiled “Only the Brave Extrême” , a variation of the famous “Only the Brave”.

    Surpass yourself to become your own hero

    This is exactly what the brand wanted to transcribe olfactively “To surpass yourself to become your own hero”. The story of “Only the Brave” begins in 1982 when it becomes the slogan of the brand. “Only the Brave” stands for conviction and self-confirmation. In no case is this a demonstration of physical strength. “Only the Brave” encourages men to realize their life, their desire, their passion. “Only the Brave Extreme” comes out in 2016 and announces a variation much more intense than its predecessor, as indicated by his name. This new composition returns to the original perfume (released in 2009) and makes it even more virile, more impactful. “Only the Brave Extrême” perfectly represents the values ​​of the Diesel brand and perfectly embodies the rebellious spirit and attitude. “Only the Brave Extrême” encourages men to surpass themselves to become their own hero. The year 2017 marked the launch of a new opus: Only The Brave High .

    The warm and spicy notes of Only the Brave Extreme

    “Only the Brave Extrême” is defined as a woody oriental juice. It is the perfumer Aliénor Massenet who is at the origin of this ultra virile composition, and who had also collaborated for the first version. “Only the Brave” begins with invigorating and fresh notes, those of lemon and tangerine. These are quickly overtaken by the spicy tone of coriander. The heart of “Only the Brave Extrême” is contrasting and subtle, as it combines rose, green apple and violet leaf. Finally, the base leaves an ultra virile and very masculine trail. It combines accords of leather, patchouli, tonka bean. The perfectly structured bottle takes up the codes of its elder and denotes an extraordinary know-how. The emblematic closed fist bottle is here in a deep blue color,

    A concentrate of modern masculinity, strong and sensitive at the same time. “Only the Brave Extrême” is the variation of “Only the Brave” released 7 years earlier. Faithful to the values ​​conveyed by the Diesel brand, “Only the Brave Extrême” encourages men more than ever to follow their convictions.

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