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    Ombre Sparkle, new sparkling eye shadow from Clarins

    Ombre Sparkle, new sparkling eye shadow from Clarins
    Ombre Sparkle, new sparkling eye shadow from Clarins

    L’Ombre Sparkle Scintillante, glitter is coming to Clarins

    Widely acclaimed during the summer of 2018, sequins are still very trendy for the summer 2019 season. They say that they have the gift of bringing an additional radiance to the face! Combining elegance and eccentricity, in just a few years they have become the essential beauty accessory for all young, sparkling and trendy women. Clarins has therefore decided to get up to date and presently presents its brand new Ombre Sparkle Scintillante, a particularly luminous eye shadow with a solar glow. After all, what better news than this to brighten up our cold winter days!

    The return of glitter

    Glitter was very popular in the 90s. However, it was often associated with the look of teenage girls. They then fell into oblivion for almost two decades before returning to center stage. In the meantime, glitter has evolved a lot. They have been refined and have benefited from the latest technologies, making them more adherent. Less thick than before, they now take on a more colorful dimension and thus display a much more glamorous style. Glitter is no longer reserved for midinettes but brings a luminous halo to the face of all women, all generations.

    The sparkling finish of Sparkle Sparkle Shadow

    The Ombre Sparkle Scintillante by Clarins is an eye shadow with flawless hold and enriched with many glitters. What’s more, its exclusive formula plays on an overdose of pigments. The Scintillating Sparkle Ombre does not lack boldness and shine. It captures the surrounding light and deposits it on your eyelids, creating a multitude of sparkling reflections. The Ombre Sparkle Scintillante has many advantages and is already available in three different colors. The Gold Diamond leaves a solar shine on the eyes, like a golden glow on your skin. The Peach Girl displays a more dewy and coral warmth. Finally, the Blue Lagon is a sparkling blue, like straight out of the depths of the ocean. Clarins Sparkle Sparkle Shadow is therefore available in more or less extravagant and daring looks.

    The powdery texture of Scintillante Sparkle Ombre

    For ease of application, the Sparkle Scintillante Ombre by Clarins comes in a hybrid texture between powder and cream. This one is very comfortable to wear. Despite its many glitter, it does not scratch or tighten the skin. Unctuous at will, it is deposited very easily on the epidermis, and also fades with disconcerting ease. Despite its strong adhesion, the Ombre Sparkle Scintillante is applied in a playful and precise way. You are free to spread it directly with your fingertips or use a brush for greater precision of execution.

    The Clarins Sparkle Scintillante Ombre comes in a small rounded case, simply covered with a transparent cap, allowing us to glimpse all the splendor and sparkle of its powder.

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