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    Olympéa, the goddess of modern times by Paco Rabanne

    Olympéa, the goddess of modern times by Paco Rabanne
    Olympéa, the goddess of modern times by Paco Rabanne

    Olympéa is the latest feminine fragrance from the house of Paco Rabanne. Indeed, after the resounding success of its masculine fragrance Invictus , the house had to find its feminine counterpart. Thus, the hero of modern times seems to have found his beauty in the person of Luma Grothe and the fragrance offered to us seems to have fallen directly from the mountain of the gods. At Olympéa, everything is grace and power. Mythology then mingles with the present and the olfactory journey is simply exquisite.

    Olympéa, all the mythological and divine power in a bottle

    By creating Olympéa, Paco Rabanne chose to tell us the story of a new heroine. This embodies the absolute fantasy of the chosen being. The Olympéa woman has nothing in common. It becomes almost divine and far surpasses ordinary people. The latter is daring, a bit mischievous and no one seems to be able to resist her. In this universe, banality is not in order. Olympéa embodies both absolute beauty and supreme intelligence. If Invictus was the symbol of the strength of the male body, it embodies the power of the female intellect. Also, both are a perfect couple and seem to live in the purest harmony. Glory and success are their daily life and the universe around them would become almost unreal. Olympéa is a resolutely feminine chapter in the history of Paco Rabanne. This perfume could not be more innovative and fits perfectly in tune with the times through its provocation and its daring. Olympeashows great irreverent sensuality embodied on screen by model Luma Grothe. The beauty then finds herself at the top of Olympus and embodies a kind of Cleopatra of modern times. She is an absolute icon and symbolizes the woman of all victories.

    Paco Rabanne offers us a unique olfactory adventure

    Olympéa is a perfume that brought together three talented perfumers for its design. In this case, the famous Loc Donc, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion worked on its creation. The result is surprising and Olympéa offers a completely new scent. It combines the sensuality of a salty vanilla accord and the freshness of floral notes. Its scent is oriental and explodes a fresh breath as soon as it takes off thanks to the presence of green mandarin. This is then coupled with floral and aquatic essences such as ginger flower or hydroponic jasmine, surprisingly cultivated in water. Then, Olympéa continues with a vanilla accordsalty which gives it great sensuality and a certain magnetism. The base is more woody and creamy with the smell of sandalwood associated with ambergris. The wake is powerful and Olympéa is particularly tempting.

    The bottle, meanwhile, is a clever mix of antique codes and contemporary fashion. This perfect circle is more than just a bottle, it is a real Talissman. It is placed on a coppery metal crown, worked in gadroons and we find the laurels of victory there. In addition, the style is also very art deco. Olympéa’s setting is particularly precious. With him, Paco Rabanne offers us a real jewel of the gods.

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