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    Olympéa Legend, the new female Paco Rabanne

    Olympéa Legend, the new female Paco Rabanne
    Olympéa Legend, the new female Paco Rabanne

    Olympéa Legend, the new divine fragrance from Paco Rabanne

    An architect by training, then a passionate couturier and avant-garde perfumer, the famous Paco Rabanne has more than one string to his bow! The couple Olympéa and Invictus is once again reformed with Olympea and Invictus Legend . A true artist, he takes us into a full-fledged universe with each of his fragrant outings. This time, Paco Rabanne decided to take us to the top of the mountain of the gods. He invites us to rediscover his exceptional Olympéa fragrance , reinterpreted this year in a new edition called Olympéa Legend. What about this new solar deity? Follow us to the top of Olympus, we will be your guide!

    Olympéa Legend, a new sweet breath, absolutely divine!

    Olympéa Legend is a sulphurous fragrance which does not go unnoticed and which plays fully in the register of sensuality. It begins with an exotic scent of palm blossom. This desert flower seems to come directly from hot sand and gives rise to a feeling of comfort on the skin. Then, the heart of Olympéa Legend blends a salted plum with vanilla. This accord constitutes the heart its recipe and is absolutely divine! Very addictive, it is at the same time soft, sweet and suave, while daring a little salty side which gives more depth to this composition. Little by little, Olympéa Legend takes us with it to a more sulphurous base. The tonka bean gives it a slightly almondy and more intimate scent. More than ever, the perfume of Paco Rabanne calls for reconciliation …

    Olympea Legend ad with Luma Grothe
    Olympea Legend ad with Luma Grothe

    Paco Rabanne darkens his neoclassical bottle

    Let’s start by discovering the bottle of this new perfume. This one is probably not unknown to you… Indeed, it takes all the codes of the previous Olympéa perfumes . It must be said that this bottle is a real masterpiece of design! It combines ancient codes with a very contemporary effect. Many neoclassical and Art Deco codes are also integrated into it. The Olympéa Legend bottle draws a perfect circle, a shape symbolically associated with the divinity. It is based on gadroons, the style of which is reminiscent of the laurels of victory. The Olympéa Legend bottle leaves nothing to chance. The only small difference with its predecessor: its glass is now darker and more amber.

    Olympéa Legend, the scent of a strong and determined woman

    You will understand, with such a scent and a majestically structured bottle, the Olympéa Legend perfume is not made to go unnoticed. It is intended for all the strong women of today and tells us the story of a modern day heroine. This fragrance is intended for all women for whom glory seems innate. A bit provocative but always elegant, Olympéa Legend surprises with its irreverent and sensual side. Do not try to fight: no one is resisting him! The new woman Olympéa Legend is victorious, divinely seductive.

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