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    Empire Perfume – Aziyadé

    Empire Perfume - Aziyadé
    Empire Perfume – Aziyadé

    Aziyadé, the provocative essence of Parfum d’Empire

    Aziyadé was the 10th perfume of the Parfum d’Empire brand . Also, the least we can say is that it does not lack character. It delivers warm and sensual scents and evokes all the richness and opulence of past civilizations.

    Aziyadé, the evocation of a past glory

    Parfum d’Empire is a brand that seems, by its name, to devote a special cult to ancient civilizations. Also, it is not the Aziyadé perfume that will prove to us the opposite. This juice is a true evocation of an empire made of wealth. Its opulence evokes fertility and lust. The latter is synonymous with drunkenness. Her voluptuousness seems almost sovereign. It is played with extravagance and then asks only to be released from its bottle. Aziyadé is a perfume that seems to honor the flesh, love and celebration. In this sense, it reminds us of the mundane evenings of past empires and the lust that reigned there.

    The opulence of Parfum d’Empire

    Aziyadé is an opulent fragrance. Also, it draws all its richness from spicy notes. The latter immediately reveal its aphrodisiac aspect. Indeed, Aziyadé combines cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. In this case, this combination of scents was once used in seduction rituals. They were seen as particularly effective in warming the skin. In other words, Aziyadé plays the erotic card and proudly sports a very carnal aspect. The whole is then embellished with the comforting and warm scent of vanilla. This one is still spiced up with patchouli, cumin and frankincense. New, this is a nod to the sacred ceremonies of ancient Egypt. Aziyadé thus gives off a very special aura. It is unlike any other and its wake is recognizable among all.

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