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    Azzaro pour Elle, the essence of a daring woman

    Azzaro pour Elle, the essence of a daring woman
    Azzaro pour Elle, the essence of a daring woman

    Loris Azzaro is a man from the south, in love with light, colors and beautiful girls too.

    In addition, he spent most of his time imagining couture creations to showcase them. However, something was missing to perfect their outfits. Indeed, if the Azzaro men had a fragrance in their image, the women longed to be able to say the same. Also, in order to restore the balance, the house launched in 2015 a feminine essence called quite simply Azzaro for Elle.

    The woman seen by Azzaro

    Loris Azzaro is a Mediterranean man. Also, he likes the women of his country, those with a strong temperament. Thus, when he imagines their smell, it should not lack character. Moreover, he always created with the aim of making them more attractive. As he said, he wanted “to make dresses that women put on and men tear off”. Also, Azzaro pour Elle is really a perfume of seduction.. For him, “A perfume must always exalt your power of seduction. When you wear it, it is important that your partner wants to feel you, to touch you, to be near you… ”Thus, Azzaro pour Elle is a tribute paid to a solar, glamorous and seductive femininity. The Azzaro woman is confident, playful, hedonistic and incredibly sensual. She a bewitching woman who knows what she wants, “a woman who dares” but never too much. She is both charming and disturbing. In short, she is a seductress at heart.

    Azzaro pour Elle, the birth of a unique feeling

    The Azzaro pour Elle perfume takes up the identity codes of its legendary alter ego Azzaro pour Homme launched in 1978. A refined but refined line, vertical and assertive, makes this bottle a concentrate of highly structured refinement. It is a modern object whose silhouette is outlined under a belt of rhinestones, a true signature of the brand.

    On the scent side, Azzaro pour Elle evolves and increases in intensity. His flight is as surprising as most beautiful encounters. The start is solar and thrilling. It combines fresh cardamom with a tangy and sparkling accord. Its colorful start then gives way to more intensity and sensuality. The femininity and delicacy of the rose intersect with the spicy tones of the lily. This is one of the noblest ingredients in the perfumer’s palette and brings modernity. Finally, the wake is deeper. It combines the warmth of incense with the sophistication of cashmere wood. Azzaro pour Elle is a glamorous, racy and above all very elegant fragrance.

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